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👽 New: Create Animations, Sexify your content and stats
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Bito empowers you to do more in less time.
Easy. Efficient. Intuitive.
Simply describe your project. Let Bito do the rest...
Generate stunning designs
Create unique animations.
Customize your designs with text/ voice chat
(Beta currently being rolled out to Lifetime Members)
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*New: Launching in December 2023*
Use Voice / Text Chat with Athena
And customize your designs any way you want
Currently being rolled out to Lifetime Access holders.
More Features Launching Q1 2023
Slice and dice, export the entire design or extract specific assets.
Once click convert your creations to code.
Lifetime Sub members can vote on which languages to prioritize (React, Vue, Angular, etc)
1 click deploy right here.
Lifetime Sub Members can vote which service to deploy to
Why choose Bito?
You are an innovator. You focus on innovation, inventions, infinite creativity and deliver world class products for your users, markets and clients. Don't stress, let Bito deal with the details.
If you want to 100X your life, we think you will love Bito.
“OMG these are so beautiful! How is this possible!!!”
“Bito is an innovative platform that combines AI technology and human creativity to deliver stunning, one-of-a-kind custom designs tailored to your product description”
Ardhra CR
“These are beautiful!!! OMG”
Carlos Eduardo
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Design Generation
Desribe your project, generate stunning designs near INSTANTLY
The average business, project spends anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000,000 on designs.
Just use Bito.
Generate Designs
Bito Screen Shot
Generate Animations
Create Scroll-Stopping content. Sexify your boring updates
Use animations to turn your stats and content into beautiful creations.
Boost your post engagement by over 300% - the longer people look at your post, the more Elon and Zuck promote it.
Generate Animations
Customize your Designs
Use voice or text chat to customize your designs to pixel perfection
Launching in December 2023. Slowly being released to Lifetime Sub Members over the next few weeks.
You heard that right. Simply talk to Athena, and have her customize your designs to perfection.
Customize Designs
Description of GIF
Slice and Dice your Designs
Segment your designs any way you want
Launching in Q1 2023. Sometimes you want specific assets, sometimes you want all assets to use in other aspects of your projects.
Whatever you want to do, we provide a way.
Segment Designs
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Convert Your Designs to Code
One click convert your designs to code
Launching in Q1 2023. No explanation needed. Once you are happy with your designs, convert it to code.
Lifetime Sub members will be able to vote on which languages we implement first.
Covert to Code
Deploy Your Project
One click deploy your projects
Launching in Q1 2023. You can deploy your project with a single click from right here!
Lifetime Sub members can vote on which deployment tool to integrate.
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100 Seats @ 2.99
100 Seats @ 4.99
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500 Seats @ 14.99
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🔥 All future releases:
  • Converse with Athena using text or voice to customize your designs
  • Segment your designs with Neutrino
  • Ditch Figma... with Singularity you can generate the full codebase in React, Vue, Angular, Svelte (whatever lifetime members end up voting on)
  • Deploy the entire project with Genesis
Lifetime access to DiFunk
  • Generate your NFT art
  • Generate your collections
  • Define your rules
  • Code up your contracts
  • Conduct Security Audit
  • Deploy Right from DiFunk
  • P2P transfer/distribute your NFT right from heres
  • Get a vote in which Blockchains we integrate with
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*Blockchain integration decision for Difunk may be determined by grant receipts. So if you are a blockchain grant provider, reach out on Twitter @getbito, to let us know if you are interested in having us integrate with you!
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